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[tycho-user] How to make a path relative in the vmargs?

Hello everybody!

I already asked this question and unfortunately I didn't get any answer! 

I can't imagine that I'm the first one who wants to build an eclipse cdo server with tycho!? 

I would be really glad if someone could help me :-)! 

Thanks a lot!!!

On 17.04.2013, at 14:00, IsaMunich <> wrote:

Hello everybody!

I'm in a project, where we develop an Eclipse RCP Application and build it with Tycho.

But now I have a problem which makes it hard to continue.

It would be nice if someone of you could help me!

In my project I have an eclipse cdo-server which is set up as described here: .

My project structure is like this:

-cdo-server plugin
 |- config folder with cdo-server.xml
 |- pom.xml

When I start my cdo-server.product as Eclipse application everything works fine.

When I build it and materialize it with Tycho / Maven, it also has a BUILD SUCCESS. But when I start the which was built by inMaven, there is the error:

!MESSAGE CDO server configuration not found:

This is logical, because this is the wrong path. When I enter the absolute path to the cdo-server.xml in the vmargs (-Dnet4j.config=/Users/pathtoCDO-config/cdo-server.xml) it also works. However, I want to make it relative, so that everybody in our git-repo can use it and not only in my folder structure.

Is there any possibility to make this path relative?

With -Dnet4j.config="${resource_loc:/cdo.server/config}" it only works when i run it as an eclipse application, but not as maven built .app file.

I also tried to use project_loc instead of resource_loc, but it has completely the same behavior!

Thank you very much!!

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