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[tycho-user] Rootfiles with different line endings for different environments?


pardon me if this is not entirely a Tycho question, but the answer to it
should be somewhere in the p2-Maven continuum, so I hope it's
appropriate here:

I have a Tycho-based in which I include a README.txt rootfile into one
of my features. From there it goes into the final product.


Now, the README.txt should use different line endings, depending on
whether it goes into the Windows or Linux product. Is there a way to do
this either which p2 magic (I looked at touchpoints already, but
couldn't find a "unix2dos" one) or the appropriate Maven plugin (The
m-antrun-plugin with the <fixcrlf> task comes to mind here)? Having an
almost identical README.txt in both rootfiles and rootfiles.win32 seems
stupid to me.

Best wishes,

-- - the knowledge transfer company

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