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Re: [tycho-user] how to create pom-first source bundles?

Hi Simon, thanks for sharing...

I'm consuming the pom-first bundles in a tycho build. I asked here with a hope that someone would have tried :)

I could create the source jar using the configuration you suggested, but it contains only the Activator class that I have added to the src/ of the bundle. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to include the sources from the embedded jars whose packages I'm exporting.

Do you know how could I achieve this?



On 05/01/13 17:23, Simon Goodall wrote:
Hi Cristiano,

Tycho won't help you in this case. Eclipse source bundles need some extra manifest entries - they are OSGi bundles in their own right and also need a reference to the binary bundle they are the source for. Try adding something similar to the snippet below to the configuration for the maven-source-plugin;

<!-- Generate required manifest headers to create a consumable source bundle in eclipse -->

Here Bundle-SymblicName is the symbolic name of your binary bundle and Bundle-QualifiedVersion is the full OSGi version number including qualifier (if present).



On 5 January 2013 18:46, Cristiano Gavião <cvgaviao@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm using maven-bundle-plugin to create a pom-first bundle that wraps some non-osgi jars.

To be able to use it in eclipse debug I need to create a source bundle that includes the non-osgi source code. 

I have tried to use maven-source-plugin but its not working properly because it can't find any source...

could someone point me the way to achieve this ?

any tip is welcome...

thanks, Cristiano

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