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[tycho-user] Some tycho build questions


I have some questions about building with Tycho.

1. Using tycho-p2-director-plugin[1] I want to use version defined in
pom which is set to 1.0.0.qualifier. As I understand
${unqualifiedVersion} gives me the whole value of version, is there
anyway to get just the major.minor.service value?
2. In the same pom I have formats defined as:


But during product assembly both windows and linux products are being
compressed as ZIP, what I am doing wrong here?

3. Using maven-dependency-plugin I want to copy final products to
staging location, during the assembly I am changing the name of the
final deliverable file:


and in maven-dependency-plugin:


Right now what gets copied is artifact
what do I need to copy the newly created file as defined in
Do I need to use something else for this? I use this thread [2] for



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