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[tycho-user] maven-dependency-plugin and unpacked bundles

Hi all,

While I'm (successfully) having fun with the maven-dependency-plugin to get all my repository + transitive dependencies in one location, I'm seeing this strange behavior: Unpacked bundles are in a strange layout. Instead of having a single jar or folder for the bundle, I get as many files as jars contained in the bundle; also the inner bundle are named with a .jar.jar suffix.
I tried to run a "mvn depedency:tree" and it seems that the bundle does not exist by itself as an artifact in dependency resolution, but the inner jars are avaialble.

See the attached example project.
* Run "mvn verify" and look at content of repository/target/dependency. The org.junit is not the bundle but the inner jar, with strange name
* Run "mvn dependency:tree" from "repository", you'll read
[INFO] +- p2.eclipse-plugin:org.junit:jar:junit.jar:4.10.0.v4_10_0_v20120426-0900:system
with a "junit.jar" classifier, which is a bit stange.

Some other weird bundles with same behavior:
* org.eclipse.jdt.debug-3.7.100.v20120529-1702

Do you have any clue on how to get those bundles as regular jars with maven-dependency-plugin?
Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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