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[tycho-user] Conflicts with eclipse-repository types and other maven plugins

I have a question about ways in which Tycho might cause unexpected
behaviour when used with other maven plugins.

Given a multi-module project with :

- a few projects of type 'eclipse-plugin'
- an 'eclipse-feature' project that includes those plugins
- an 'eclipse-repository' project with category.xml that properly includes
  the feature
- maven-javadoc-plugin defined in pluginManagement at the top-level pom

If I run 'mvn clean install javadoc:aggregate', the javadocs are generated 
in the top-level target folder but the target folder for the
'eclipse-repository' project (which should contain the published p2
repository) doesn't exist.

If I just run just 'mvn clean install' then the target folder for the 
'eclipse-repository' project contains the p2 repository.

The problem seems to be that the maven-javadoc-plugin invokes the 
generate-sources phase on every project, and for 'eclipse-repository'
types this triggers a clean in the initialize phase. This wipes out the
target folder and its contents.

On the other hand one could try running 'mvn clean javadoc:aggregate 
install' but I've had cases where doing this causes the javadoc:aggregate
goal to fail to resolve certain projects. I don't know exactly why this was
happening, but it seemed related to the fact that the javadoc:aggragate
goal expects compile-time dependencies to be resolved, and yet since the
plugin runs on separate projects in parallel, it can fail that way
(assuming the reactor cache is clean the first time).

It's simple enough to work around these issues by adding some extra goals/
copying things around but is there any plan to get these plugins more able
to coexist in the same build ?

Roland Grunberg

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