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Re: [tycho-user] Compilation error during install

Hi Alex,

I haven't tested this with features, but in our project we didn't express any interdependencies between plugins in pom.xml. Instead we defined a module for each plug-in and feature, and all interdependencies were picked up automatically.

As I understand it, Tycho is a set of extension to Maven, which let Maven use information from MANIFEST.MF, plugin.xml and other Eclipse-specific files as if this info was in pom.xml. In other words, if you don't define a Maven module for an Eclipse feature, Maven will not see it at all, and once you define it, Maven will be able to figure out all the dependencies itself.

Kind regards, 
Mikhail Kalkov 

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I couldn't find replies in my email, only saw them in archive and
digest, so hopefully this will be aggregated by my original thread.

I did solve the compilation issue, seems 1.5 was the the default. Thanks.


In my second question I meant dependencies between features of my
product. So if I have feature-parent that includes featureA and
featureB, I was thinking that by including feature-parent in parent
POM feature.xml in featureA and featureB would automatically be parsed
and my feature dependency structure would be available to Maven for
discovery. As I understand I need to replicate features and plugin
relationship in POMs through modules, is that correct? Target
definition that I had in place before correctly determines plugins'

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