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Re: [tycho-user] Bug 374349 - Add real label, description, etc. to generated source feature

I think I have found the problem, but dont know the solution... 
I have look to the repository, to the content.xml:

 <unit id='' version='1.2.3'>
      <properties size='7'>
        <property name='' value='%label'/>

but the source feature is:
 <unit id='' version='1.2.3' 
      <update id='' range='[0.0.0,1.2.3)' 
      <properties size='5'>
        <property name='' value='true'/>
        <property name='maven-groupId' value='com.mygroup'/>
        <property name='maven-artifactId' value=''/>
        <property name='maven-version' value='1.2.3'/>
        <property name='maven-classifier' value='sources-feature'/>

Can somebody tell me please, why the source feature doesnt use the %label%  as

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