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[tycho-user] Creating features containing source features


I'd like to know whether there's a possibility to generate a (binary) feature that includes its source feature.
Since we migrated to Maven/Tycho to build our Eclipse Scout project, the Tycho build fails stating that the source feature could not be found. In the feature.xml file we added the following line:



However, the source feature as a "standalone" feature (i.e. not included in the binary feature) is generated correctly by executing the source-feature goal of the plugin tycho-source-feature-plugin defined in the pom.xml located in the feature folder.


I guess that at the time the source feature should be included into the binary feature, the plugin tycho-source-feature-plugin hasn’t been executed. That could be a reason why the source feature is not available. Is it somehow possible to change to order of execution?


Thanks for your help in advance.



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