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Re: [tycho-user] org.eclipse.license?

This question is more to the platform development and build team. Tycho
has no special knowledge about this feature, iirc. It just attempts to
resolve it from available sources (this build modules, local repository,
enabled remote p2 repositories) and reports the error if the feature
cannot be resolved.

So the platform team needs to deploy this feature in a p2 repository
before Tycho will be able to use it.


On 12-11-19 12:25 PM, Paul Webster wrote:
I'm trying to build my feature, and I'm getting a failure complaining
about org.eclipse.license:

[ERROR] Missing requirement: 1.1.0.qualifier requires
' [1.0.0,1.0.1)' but it could not be found

It's mentioned in the feature.xml ...
<feature ...

but I  can't find it in any p2 repo that I would consume (juno, eclipse
updates, my own).  But different features in another build seem to build
fine.  Could anyone tell me what the pre-req is for tycho to see an
org.eclipse.license feature?


Paul Webster
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