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Re: [tycho-user] How properly generate/update update-site after each build

If you don't want to keep previous versions,  you should set the append parameter to false (I think this is the default


Le 23 oct. 2012 10:45, <e92-330cd@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
We are building our product periodicaly with jenkins, using tycho. We have "" module included in reactor project.
That module has category.xml file , with wanted features in update site. So far so good.  But I am not sure what is the proper way to update the the eclipse-repository (already existed update site).

this is part of pom.xml of that "" project:


                                <!-- source repository to mirror from as a URI -->

                            <!-- Target repository file location -->

                            <!-- whether to append to the target repository content -->

the question are:

1] is it possible to say tycho where should be created update site automaticaly, instead of mirroring - its time consuming
i have found only this:
where can i define the "Target" , but i think that the update-site packagin should be used anymore, instead of that should be eclipse repository, right?

2]how to achieve to have only the latest version on the update site? I dont want to store the previous version in tomcat/repository. I dont know if the configuration <append> true</append> will delete the old version.

3] is the copying generated "updatesite repository" to Tomcat webbapp/root folder correct way to keep updated the update site?

Thank you

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