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[tycho-user] HelpSystem.getHelpContent() returns null

I have junit test for my RCP help system. It was working fine when I was using eclipse 3.6.1. It stats failing when I moved to using eclipse 3.8.
It is not able to get the content from href. Pasting related part from my test
final String href = "">
InputStream content = HelpSystem.getHelpContent(href);
Here the 'content' is null. I debugged into code, I got 'href' correct (/ but getting IHelpProvider as null in
public static InputStream getHelpContent(String href, String locale) {
      IHelpProvider provider = HelpPlugin.getDefault().getHelpProvider();
I am facing above issue only when running my test using tycho.
When I try to run same test suite from within Eclipse IDE it works perfectly fine. Also the help is working fine from my final RCP product (built using tycho) I can browse all the topics. It seems perhaps there is a missing dependence on the eclipse help plugins that junit test is not pulling in.
Please let me know if I am missing something.
God bless you and all,

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