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[tycho-user] Tycho and single source RCP/RAP

we have a single source RCP/RAP application that I am trying to build with tycho. The problem is that we need to mark specific ui bundles as optional because they are only present in either RAP or RCP target platform. E.g. org.eclipse.ui or org.eclipse.rap.ui. Actually these dependencies are semi optional. Depending on the platform to be build one representation has to be present. 

We need to configure tycho with


in order to get the bundles resolved. But then when we try to compile, the respective optional platform bundles are not pulled from p2 into the maven repository. In the course this results in compile errors. The next problem is that the respective platform specific fragments do not compile because they depend on optional required bundles of their host plugin. Solving the fragment issue by adding the optional required bundles from the host to the fragment itself makes this post somewhat for the records. Because the fragment required bundle can be made non optional thus the dependencies are pulled from p2 and are available at compile time also for the host. Nevertheless if no such fragment exists which pulls the dependencies building single source RCP/RAP with tycho seems to be problematic. 

Any thoughts/hints on this?


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