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Re: [tycho-user] Generics problem

I again ran into this situation but now know why it occurs.

I have bundle that cannot compile because of the tycho compiler says stuff like this:

protected ServiceRegistration<?> eventServiceEventListenerRegstration;
The type ServiceRegistration is not generic; it cannot be parameterized with arguments <?>

It appears I have a jar in the bundle and on my Bundle-Classpath that also contains (an older) version of this serviceregistration class. 

The Manifest defines this exec environment. Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.6

If I add the following to the local pom it compiles with success



I am puzzled why the tycho compiler favorites the class in the jar over the normal osgi classpath and eclipse does not. I am also puzzled why the entry in the local pom makes the behavior go away.

Any ideas? Do you want me to file a bug with examples?

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