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Re: [tycho-user] [cbi-dev] Merging CBI into Platform progress

This is correct. Tycho uses the p2 ProductAction for this which includes branding and packing the executables. Note that you can easily omit this by de-selecting "This product includes native launcher artifacts" on the Overview tab of the product editor.


Paul Webster wrote
> I'm guessing when tycho materializes products, it generates some other
> IUs?
> org.eclipse.sdk.ide.executable.gtk.linux.x86_64=4.2.0.v20120821-1439
> org.eclipse.sdk.ide.executable.gtk.linux.x86_64.eclipse=4.2.0.v20120821-
> 1439
> toolingorg.eclipse.sdk.ide.executable.gtk.linux.x86_64=4.2.0.v20120821-
> 1439
> Later,
> PW