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Re: [tycho-user] Ignore negated p2 requirements

It is not currently possible to instruct Tycho to ignore individual
requirements, but it is possible to tell it to filter out installable
units, so there is hope. For some reason, P2 thinks that your project
target platform represents complete IDE, so you may be able to filter
out the IUs that trigger this. This will probably cause other resolution
errors, but I think it is worth the try.


On 12-09-21 5:30 AM, Stephan Leicht Vogt wrote:

Is there a possibity to ignore negated p2 requirements for the mvn tycho
build? I have a feature which has a feature dependency to
org.eclipse.rap.feature. This feature has negated p2 requirements which
does not let me build my feature. I get following message:

„Unable to satisfy dependency from 3.9.0.qualifier to
A.PDE.Target.Platform Cannot be installed into the IDE 0.0.0.“

Or is this a problem in p2?

Thanks for any hints


Stephan Leicht Vogt

*BSI**Business Systems Integration AG*
Täfernstrasse 16a, CH-5405 Baden
*T* +41 56 484 19 47 <>

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