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[tycho-user] Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI an Fragment to Fragment dependency


I'm trying to build a Eclipse RCP Application containing a Plugin, which is the host for two fragments.
Currently I'm building the app with the PDE ant build, this is working fine. But I want to switch to tycho.

In the plugin Manifest the Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI option is set to true.
So fare so good. But the there are dependencies from Fragment B to Fragment A. So that Fragment B needs to be aware of Fragment A.

This issue seems to be documented already as https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/TYCHO-60

I've already tried to set the jars.extra.classpath property in the build.properties of the Fragment B project, without any success.
Is there any solution available?

I'm using tycho version 0.15.0 with Eclipse 3.5.1 as target platform.

Best regards