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Re: [tycho-user] Using a test bundle in mutliple tycho-surefire-plugin configurations, and other tycho-surefire-plugin limitation


for those interested, I tracked this here:

On 09/05/2012 01:57 PM, Mickael Istria wrote:
Here is a background: we have JBoss Tools, which are plugins built with Maven + their tests, as "eclipse-test-plugin"s, and we have JBoss Developer Studio, which is a RCP app packaging all this stuff together.
The use-case is: I want to execute tests from JBT against JBDS, with Tycho. In example below, use case is I want to execute tests from bundle "" using product "com.jboss.jbds.product.product". Both bundle and product can be found in the target platform or repositories/

I already know how to install and execute tests headless without using Tycho. But we don't like it that much.

So I've tried to use the tycho-surefire-plugin on a pom file, and use this pom + tycho-surefire-plugin configuration to invoke a test from an external source (p2 repo) on a product from another p2 repo.

Here is what I hoped would work:
                            <!-- Specify environment -->

That does not work, because of the following limitations I noticed:
* TestMojo makes a test on the packaging-type (must be an eclipse-test-plugin)
* testSuite (Test Bundle) must be a MavenProject in the same reactor as the invocation of this plugin
* testSuite (Test Bundle) must be the current project
* For a pom, there is not targetPlatformConfiguration attached (CTX_TARGET_PLATFORM_CONFIGURATION), since DefaultTychoDependencyResolver does not apply to non-Tycho types.

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