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[tycho-user] FW: [p2-dev] proxy question

I’m forwarding this from p2-dev. It’s about how to use tycho-eclipserun-plugin behind a proxy.

After sharing some infos it seems that it boils down to the question below about how to communicate configuration information to the eclipse instance which is started by the eclipserun-plugin.



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I’m struggling with the same issue for a while. Considering David’s hint below, the question might be turned to “how to communication the appropriate configuration/.settings/ information to the tycho-eclipse-run plugin”? I guess this plugin is creating temporary config informations. Any idea how to plug into this or how to contribute the additional .setting/


I will forward this to the tycho-user mailing list …


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Perhaps this reference will help?

Not sure how this "fits in" with tycho-eclipserun-plugin ... but it explains how p2 doesn't use -Dhttp.proxyHost, etc.

Tycho-eclipserun-plugin might provide its own methods/techniques for setting the Eclipse network preferences (I'm not familiar with it, hate to admit).

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Subject:        [p2-dev] proxy question
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I am trying to use the tycho-eclipserun-plugin at the moment in one of
our builds, which executes the p2 director application. Since the build
is running behind a proxy (just a simple http proxy, no authentication
required), I need to set those proxy settings to let the director find
the given repositories.

Since this is part of our CI builds, I cannot manually configure
preferences or so, I need to execute a command line with parameters.

I tried to just set "-Dhttp.proxyHost" etc. without success

I tried to set
that switches to a JDK Http connection, but still ignores my settings to
-Dhttp.proxyHost" etc.

I always see these messages:
!MESSAGE System property http.proxyHost has been set to by
an external source. This value will be overwritten using the values from
the preferences

(where xyz is my real proxy name)

Are the system properties deleted or overridden with something else, so
that my JDK Http connection is not able to use my settings?

I also tried to set -Dhttpclient.proxy-host=xyz -Dhttpclient.proxy-port=nnn
but that doesn't work either.

I am kind of stuck here and hope very much that you can help me!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

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