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Re: [tycho-user] Creating a repo from all the artifacts just built

Hi Pascal,

On 08/28/2012 05:17 AM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:
Actually what I want is only all the bundles, not the features.
At this point I end up creating a dummy build-only feature just to gather all my bundles and wanted to avoid the annoyance of maintaining the feature, but after all I'll stick with my dummy feature.
FWIW, there is a patch ready for the following issue: (that is the reason why I bothered you with p2 supporting a <bundle...> tag in category.xml earlier, so no need for features). But this patch is still waiting for the PDE category editor to support this new concept. I proposed a patch for it yesterday. Let's see what will happen.
My secret goal is to get the Category Editor ready for Kepler M2, so this will hopefully unlock this situation, so that Tycho can use Equinox release from M2 and integrate the patch.

Mickael Istria
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