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Re: [tycho-user] Generate poms for publishing in a Maven repository

The problem is that not all artifacts necessarily have a Maven GAV. I can imagine a way to store all p2 repositories in Maven repositories, but this is far from being implemented and everyone (at least at Eclipse) would need to follow the concept. This is so unlikely that its probably not even worth discussing.






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Hi all,

Within the Eclipse RAP Team we have a core library that can be used with OSGi and standalone. We are using Tycho 0.15 for building it. We would like to publish this artifact also into a Maven repository.


Is it possible to generate pom files for an "eclipse-plugin" that list the dependencies on the pom level? If yes, can this pom be used to publish the artifact e.g. in the Maven Central? While searching the web I couldn't find any helpful results.


Thanks in advance for your answers.


Cheers Holger



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