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Re: [tycho-user] target-platform-configuration question


I tend to have my projects structured something like this;

  -- target-definition
  -- bundle-a
  -- bundle-b
  -- etc...

My target definition is in a project called "target-definition". This
is a plain pom packaging project with the following build block;

This hooks the target into the build process. It also means that this
can be deployed to a maven repository and referenced later. My parent
pom has target-definition listed as the first module and the
target-platform-configuration block as defined in the link you

Now I can either build the full project from the parent directory - or
if I have previously installed or deployed the full projects I can
step down into the child modules and build them individually still
using my target definition. In these cases the .target file will be
obtained from the maven repository.



On 3 August 2012 21:22, Craig Foote <craigfoote@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, I have several tycho projects each using target-platform-configuration
> to specify its own dedicated project with a .target file. I want to
> consolidate the targets and modify all the old references to the new
> location. Following
>, I've set the GAV
> to a parent project with the consolidated .target at its root but I'm
> getting the error "Could not resolve target platform specification
> artifact..." so I assume I'm specifying it wrong. What must be the
> relationship between a consuming project and the project holding the
> .target? Mine are siblings with the parent specified in the child using a
> relative path. The parent is of type "pom". Any ideas appreciated? I assumed
> the parent project is part of the reactor and so its content could be found
> - am I wrong?
> Craig
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