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Re: [tycho-user] mvn clean triggers target definition resolution

Hello Craig,
I've blogged a little bit about our build structure:
The main problem here was, that the target is resolved/verified for each project again. We also used tycho.mode=maven to speed up clean local builds, because tycho needed much more time to resolve, if the target folder was large. By splitting target resolution and using a <repository> for the daily build, the build time was reduced drastically. By the cost of keeping one additional category.xml in sync with the target definition.


Am 13.04.2012 um 22:59 schrieb Craig Foote:

Shouldn't the clean goal just empty the target folder? I'm using tycho_0.14.1 (and m2e_1.0.200.20111228-1245 though this happens at the command line too) and a target definition rather than repositories in my pom. Our target definition points to a large composite p2 repo that takes a long time to parse, doubly long when we do separate mvn clean and mvn install (as m2e provides by default). Is this correct or are we misconfigured somewhere?

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