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[tycho-user] Tycho and "Imported Packages"


From the documentation, I gathered that Tycho supports "Imported Packages" but when I compile Xtext 2.2 projects, I get this error:

1. ERROR in (at line 43)
        import org.eclipse.xtend2.lib.StringConcatenation;
Access restriction: The type StringConcatenation is not accessible due to restriction on classpath entry $HOME/.m2/repository/p2/osgi/bundle/org.eclipse.xtext.xtend2.lib/2.2.1.v201112130541/org.eclipse.xtext.xtend2.lib-2.2.1.v201112130541.jar

When I add the plugin org.eclipse.xtext.xtend2.lib to "Required Plug-ins", the error goes away.



Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla a.k.a. Philmann Dark
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