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[tycho-user] local p2 repository and update policy


My build has two steps:

First step is to download bundles from maven (maven-dependency-plugin)
and generate p2 in temporary dir (publish-features-and-bundles)

Second step is normal maven build with declared p2 repositories. I'm
using two repositories, one for eclipse36 and second for local
repository from step one.

It works very well but I found problem when bundle in step one has the
same version in Manifest even for new versions of maven artifact - I
know that it is not recommended but I cannot fix it.

Thus my build cannot see latest bundle even my local repo contains
newest but tycho compare version in Manifest and use bundle from own

I tried configure updatePolicy in local p2 repository:


It doesn't work for me. I found but I think
always policy should work now.

One workaround is to delete .m2\repository\.meta before every build
but it is last solution I would say. Is any other solution?


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