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[tycho-user] tycho-source-plugin creates source bundles but feature bundle can't find them


I followed the instructions in the FAQ to create source bundles and I can see that ${bundle}-${version}-sources.jar files are installed in my M2 repository.

They do have a MANIFEST.MF and it contains the correct Eclipse-SourceBundle and Bundle-SymbolicName.

But when I run "mvn install", the feature bundle says:

[ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
[ERROR] Software being installed: 2.1.0.qualifier [ERROR] Missing requirement: 2.1.0.qualifier requires '${bundle}.sources 0.0.0' but it could not be found


I'm on Tycho 0.13.0. I tried to update to 0.14.0 but 14 can't find any of my dependencies anymore even though the p2 repo is added to the build and 13 builds the very same project perfectly :-(


Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla a.k.a. Philmann Dark
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