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Re: [tycho-user] Building a p2 repository from multiple projects


If the two project runs in different reactors, one possibility could be:

- mvn install both com.example.a.feature and com.example.b.feature

- create one p2 project that references the installed features above as dependency in the pom and in the category.xml;

Another possibility is to create a target definition file pointing to the already built features and than configure the p2 project to be built using this target file.



On 13/03/12 13:34, Robert Gründler wrote:
Hi all,

i'm currently maintaining a couple of eclipse plugins. Each of these plugins
has it's own tycho project:

Project A

- pom.xml <-- master pom of project a
   - com.example.a.feature <- pom.xml
   - com.example.a.plugin <-- pom.xml

Project B

- pom.xml <-- master pom of project b
  - com.example.b.feature <-- pom.xml
  - com.example.b.plugin <-- pom.xml

Now i'd like to create a p2 repository that contains both features from project A and project B.

I've found this demo project: where basically the project
contains already the p2 repository - but in the case of multiple projects this would need to look different.

Has anyone a hint how to create such a tycho project?



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