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Re: [tycho-user] Compile the source to my plugin before building it


I've discovered that Tycho uses the file (generated when creating a project in eclipse) as well as the pom to identify source locations. From experience, if tycho/maven cannot find source it will simply skip the compilation step. Below are the contents of the file I use for a component that sounds like it is similarly structured:

bin.includes = .,\
source.. = src/,\
src.excludes = */.svn/*


On 29/02/2012 7:51 PM, Edward Schwarz wrote:
Hi all,

I have a plugin project which has source code (java code, which needs
to be compiled) as well as the usual packaging of elements into a

I cannot get the source code to compile. I have tried everything I can
think of. The plugin is created just fine, but it does not have the
compiled classes in there, neither as .class files nor as a .jar file.

I am trying to build after exporting the eclipse project from svn -
i.e., without having eclipse running or ever having treated the
exported directory as part of a workspace.

My source code is in the "src" directory immediatly under the
project's ${basedir}.

I can see the tycho-compiler-plugin being invoked and configured, but
nothing is happening.

Using Tycho 0.14.0

Any ideas?

- Ed

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