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[tycho-user] program argument -configuration (eclipse runtime option) not exported to .ini

Hey there,

 I am discovering problems using the eclipse runtime option
-configuration @user.home/.myApplication/someDirectory. I need this option to set another configuration location for my application. 
(see I am using tycho 0.13.0 and packaging type eclipse-repository to build my application.

My product file contains the following program arguments: 
-data @noDefault
-configuration @user.home/.myApplication/someDirectory

The eclipse-repository build is able to export the first parameter, but the whole second line is ignored so that my application.ini contains only the first parameter.
I have already tried a lot of combinations, e. g. writing seperate lines, quotations etc., but the result stays the same. It seems as if there was  a special behaviour for the -configuration flag. 

Does anyone have a clue what causes this problem?

I have added my config to the attached tychodemo example for the eclipse-repository packaging type by Jan and Tobias.

Kind regards!

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