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[tycho-user] Tycho is taking the wrong POM-FIRST source jar.


I've included source feature in my P2 and I observe a strange behavior.

In my local repository I have this bundles created in a pom-first reactor, using maven-source-plugin and maven-bundle-plugin (attention to the size):

org.jbehave.osgi.web-0.0.3-SNAPSHOT.jar - 11 MB on disk
org.jbehave.osgi.web-0.0.3-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar - 4 KB on disk (1.610 bytes)

In the source feature project , in feature.xml I've added this:


In the source feature project pom I've added this dependency:


The build occurs without any errors, but when I was use the generated p2 I noted the time that it was taking to get the source and investigating I found the size was identical in both files. This is the files in P2:

org.jbehave.osgi.web_0.0.3.qualifier.jar - 11 MB on disk (10.967.778 bytes)
org.jbehave.osgi.web.source_0.0.3.qualifier.jar - 11 MB on disk (10.967.778 bytes)

It is a know issue or am I forgetting something here ?



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