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[tycho-user] Maven+Tycho build completes successfully, but product does not contain application


We recently started using Maven+Tycho to handle the build for our Eclipse RCP project. We are very pleased with it and it has been very easy to adopt.

We have followed the instructions in the exercises on the tycho site to setup the builds for our plugins, test (fragment) plugins, feature, repository, product and target. However, we are receiving the following error when we unzip and execute our product:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Application "gov.ornl.nice.niceclient.application" could not be found in the registry. The applications available are: org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner,

The plugin, gov.ornl.nice.niceclient, is not present in the plugins directory of our product, although it builds completely, passes all of its tests and is part of the feature on which the product is based. We're building on Linux, Windows and Mac, but the plugin does not show up for any of them. We spent all of yesterday trying to figure this out, but were not successful. There are no errors during the build process and running the Maven clean process does not fix it. Has anyone experienced this problem before?

I can share our pom files or any logs if they are needed. Thanks in advance for your time!

Jay Jay Billings

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