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Re: [tycho-user] src.includes ignored by tycho-source-plugin


I had a similar problem. My approach was to remove the src.includes from the file and add the following to my pom.xml:

			<!-- Prevent compilation of source bundle -->

Maybe it is even enough to stop the tycho compiler from compiling the source files.

Jan Rosczak

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Subject: [tycho-user] src.includes ignored by tycho-source-plugin

Hi All,

I am repackaging external jars as bundles. I also would like to attach
the source code to the bundles. But my approach is a bit different
than normal build, because I don't want to compile the sources. Thus,
I don't want include "source.${jarfile} = src/" in my
file. This would result the complete build of the jar, eventually the
creation of the source bundle too.

I tried "src.includes" in PDE (export->generate source bundles).
Worked fine, one bundle with the jar and one with sources of the jar.
But in tycho 0.14.0, the tycho-source-plugin does not generate a
source plugin? Any suggestion?


Balazs Varnai

The content:
   src.includes = src/
   bin.includes = META-INF/,\

The pom content:

as usual packaging->eclipse-plugin

build->tycho-source-plugin->goal plugin-source
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