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Re: [tycho-user] tycho-source-feature plugin should not force binary inclusion

How do you guarantee main and sources features match if there is no
dependency between them?

Implemented solution makes sources feature *require* matching main
feature, but the two otherwise do not overlap. It is possible to install
just the main feature or both main+sources. If you believe there are
cases when this is going to cause installation failures, please provide
an example project that demonstrates the problem and I'll have a look.

And, in any case, this is a stop-gap solution until proper source code
lookup is implemented in PDE. It really should not be necessary to
produce 'SDK' builds, sources bundles should be downloaded from artifact
repositories on as needed basis, like we do this in m2e.


On 12-02-02 7:48 PM, Max Rydahl Andersen wrote:
Hi guys,

Just saw

Please do *not* force binary inclusion.

The eclipse SDK's are evil and almost impossible to get to align up.

You really want to be able to install just the source features onto an existing installation.

With the current solution don't you get the dreadful "you can only install either feature A v1.2 as opposed to A.sdk v1.2" ?


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