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Re: [tycho-user] problems with Compendium bundles at tycho-surefire

Ok, let me try to explain...

in my bundles I have : Import-package: org.osgi.service.log,

the first normally is supposed to be resolved by org.eclipse.osgi besides the fact that bundle export it too. is supposed to be resolved by bundle.

Both are API bundles, and to be able to use them, at the target platform of the running container, I must include and start the implementation bundles: org.eclipse.equinox.log and

What I've observed is that these bundles, declared in tycho-surefire at POM, is not being resolved:



But instead, just because I'm using the Orbit repository, it is being resolved by this bundle:

[DEBUG]     reference:file:/Users/cvgaviao/.m2/repository/p2/osgi/bundle/osgi.enterprise/4.2.0.v201108120515/osgi.enterprise-4.2.0.v201108120515.jar

If you look in my first email at debug info, none of the declared bundles is being installed at the equinox running the tests.

hope you have understand now :)

BTW, I did what you have suggested in your first response, removed all instalable-units from POM and declared them as Required-Bundle in the test manifest and it works.



On 30/01/12 17:39, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
I am not sure I understand. Do you have multiple providers of the same
package? Using org.eclipse.equinox.log as an example, can you explain
where this package is expected to come from and what do you think Tycho
does instead?


On 12-01-30 2:26 PM, Cristiano Gavião wrote:
On 30/01/12 16:02, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Tycho is expected to determine
all/most test runtime dependencies based on test bundle manifest, so
listing them explicitly should not be necessary.

hummm.. could be this the key of the problem...

It is not common to have a Require-Bundle pointing to Compendium bundles
( or org.eclipse.equinox.log)... we just use the
package-import ( and org.osgi.service.log)...

And it seems that Tycho is not respecting the declared bundles at the
surefire plugin and using the osgi.enterprise-4.2.0.v201108120515.jar
that it founds in Orbit p2 repository (that I think is exporting the
same packages).

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