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Re: [tycho-user] Target platform composition and/or inheritance

I was under impression this was how .target support was originally
implemented, i.e. it was possible to have several .target files for each
project, but somehow I don't see any traces of that in the commit
history. Odd. In any case, I believe this is a legitimate usecase and is
next to trivial to support in Tycho. Unfortunately, PDE only allows
single .target file for entire workspace, which makes use of multiple
.target files for Tycho projects much less attractive.


On 12-01-27 6:03 PM, Dahanne, Anthony wrote:
Hello all,
I'm wondering whether it would make sense or not to be able to define
inheritance or composition of Target Platform definitions, (.target, TP)
I have currently the following situation :
My project is a set of bundles and features that uses a target platform
definition ,
But I also have a product definition (.product tycho module), that
includes elements from, but also some artifacts found in
other p2 repositories.
What I currently can do is :
* create another TP, that my product module could rely
on, but I would have to maintain 2 similar TPs ( and
* or pollute with stuff only needed by the product

What I would like to do is :
* specify in my product module 2 TPs :, and another one,, that Tycho would merge at resolution time :


* or create a new TP, which inherits from and adds some
locations and references it from my product module

I hope you understand what I actually mean, if my request makes some
sense, I'd be happy to start working on a patch for solution 1 : merge

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