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[tycho-user] itp02 with transitive *bundle* dependencies doesn't work

Dear List,

I've had this issue before, and I thought I had it solved, but it persists. Perhaps one of you has a brilliant idea how to solve this.

I'm trying to reproduce itp02 with my own dependencies, and a slightly altered project setup:

rcp.parent (General Project)
|_pom.xml (basically the parent pom from build02)

rcp.bundle (Plugin Project)
|_pom.xml (the bundle pom from build02)

rcp.pomfirst (General Project)
|_thirdparty (Folder)
|          |_pom.xml (build01's pomfirst-thirdparty pom)
|_pom.xml (build01's itp02-pomfirst-parent)

My dependencies has transitive <type>bundle</type> dependencies. They are resolvable with the maven-bundle-plugin and this works for simple Maven projects without problems.

However, I cannot get this to work with the itp02 setup. While build01 always works fine, build02 (from rcp.parent) fails because it cannot find the transitive *bundle* dependencies.

Any ideas? Can I (re-)bundle the dependencies during build myself so they are "findable"?


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