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Re: [tycho-user] P2 director plugin and transitive dependencies

The p2 director include all dependencies, and this cannot be disabled. At least historically (I don't know the current state), the PDE did not assemble non-inclusion dependencies. The only idea to bring this two worlds together would be to execute the "validate" button of the product editor in the Tycho build, i.e. to have the build warn/fail if including/excluding non-inclusion dependencies makes a difference in the output. But this has only been a vague idea discussed on a conference - there isn't even an enhancement request in bugzilla for this yet.


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> Subject: [tycho-user] P2 director plugin and transitive dependencies
> Hi,
> I try to package my plugin based product with the p2 director plugin.
> The build works fine so far and I can see the resulting product in the
> target folder. The problem I have is that the resulting plugins folder
> of my product contains a few more plugins (e.g. javax.persistence) than
> the same folder when exporting the product with the Eclipse export
> wizard. In my case this leads to package conflicts during the product
> startup. The Eclipse exported product works fine by the way.
> After comparing all the generated folders in the target directory I
> noticed that the metadata repository (target/repository) does contain
> exactly the same plugins (without the additional ones) as the plugins
> folder of the exported Eclipse product. In this case the
> includeAllDependencies property of the p2-repository plugin was 'false'.
> After switching it to 'true' I also got all this additional plugins in
> the metadata repository.
> It looks like the tycho p2 director also bundles transitive
> dependencies. The Eclipse product export wizard apparently does not.
> Is there a way to change the behaviour of the p2 director just like it
> is possible for the p2 repository plugin?
> Thanks
> Yves
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