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[tycho-user] How can I help to fix a bug?

Hi all,

I filed
(tycho-versions-plugin doesn't update product for eclipse-repository
packaging) at the end of september and added a patch at the end of
october. And I saw that other tycho users propose different
workarounds for this problem (like using xslt to patch the product
Since this was the first time I contributed a patch to an eclipse
project, I'm unsure if I need some IP clearance before you're able to
accept the patch. For us this bug is really nasty and our current ant
build.xml workaround puts more complexity into our already quite
complex product build. Of course we can also use our own patched
version of tycho, but since other tycho users seem to have the same
problem it would really be nice to have it in the next stable release
of tycho so that others can benefit too.
So my question is if I can somehow help you in accepting my patch?


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