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Re: [tycho-user] Cross-Platform Building with Tycho

You need to tell tycho what target environments you are interested in, for example



On 11-09-30 10:09 AM, Timo Rohrberg wrote:
Hello everybody,

interestingly, I could not find a solution to the following problem even
though I was searching the web for quite a while.

I try to build my own Eclipse P2 repository mirroring a subset of the
plugins of the "Eclipse Platform SDK" feature from the official Eclipse
Indigo download source. The result is meant to be used as a stable
target platform for my organization's own development process.

To achieve this, I created a new feature project listing the desired
Eclipse plugins (e.g. org.eclipse.core.runtime) in its feature.xml. For
the Maven Tycho configuration, I used the attached pom.xml file.

Now, Tycho fails to resolve platform-specific plugins, such as
"org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.win32.win32.x86" since my operating system
on which Tycho runs is a Win64 platform.

Unfortunately, I cannot include the Eclipse Delta Pack since Tycho seems
to be unable to resolve from local directories. And anyways, I don't
want to manually deploy the delta pack on the server system running
Maven in a Jenkins environment.

Is there a way to tell Tycho to include all environment versions of
plugins when resolving from the p2 repository configured above as
Eclipse can be told with the "Include all environment" switch?

Do you have any ideas how to solve that issue in an elegant way...

Thanks for any hints.

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