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Re: [tycho-user] Run task before the target is resolved (target-resolve phase..)?


I have been using Tycho on and off for the last year without ever going into details.
However, it has always been strange to me this fact that dependency resolution has to happen before the build cycle starts.
I assume this is eclipse resolver specifics, but it does have some drawbacks

1) It is error prone to any propertybased specification of resolver definition in parent poms as the parent pom is not build before subprojects are analyzed
2) It prevents generating a target platform without having to have a bootstrap mechanism.
3) Problems wrt dependency resolution is highlighted outside of the individual project containing the error, which is confusing and difficult to trace.

Now, given that it is so contrary to normal maven dependency resolutions, how come it is not possible to work around it or at least lazy load the dependency mechanism?


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Dependency resolution has to happen before build lifecycle starts, so it is not possible to run any maven goals before it.


On 11-07-15 5:22 PM, motes motes wrote:
> In a maven3/tycho project I would like to run an ant task before the 
> target is resolved. But it seems that the target is resolved before 
> any of the standard maven phases is run. Is there someway to do stuff 
> before the target is resolved, I have tried:
> 						<phase>generate-resources</phase>
> 						<goals>
> 							<goal>copy</goal>
> 						</goals>
> but still the target is resolved (and the projec fails if the resolve
> fails) before this task is executed.
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