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[tycho-dev] Forwarding from maven dev list: Re: [DISCUSS] Maven 3.8.x and 3.9.x

If we could get

into 3.8.x this will help us much @tycho

would be nice-to have I can provide a backport if it is realistic to get this in.

thanks for consideration!

Am 31.01.22 um 14:25 schrieb Guillaume Nodet:
Hey Michael, is there anything else planned for 3.8.5 ?  Afaik, all issues
flagged for 3.8.5 have been merged.
I'm willing to give a hand so that we can create the 3.9.x branch asap.


Le ven. 17 déc. 2021 à 17:45, Michael Osipov <michaelo@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

Am 2021-12-17 um 17:29 schrieb Guillaume Nodet:
Le ven. 17 déc. 2021 à 14:25, Michael Osipov <michaelo@xxxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :

Am 2021-12-13 um 11:39 schrieb Guillaume Nodet:
In order to progress on a few issues, I'd like to discuss two points.
     * merge into the 3.8.x
and release 3.8.5 asap.  This is a long-standing issue which had a
of trial fixes over the past months.
     * create a 3.9.x branch to merge

The 3.9.x will be needed in order to progress on
maven-build-cache-extension.  Right now, the tests are done on two
that have to be built (for 3.x and 4.x), forbidding any kind of release
(which I don't propose at this time, we first need to extract it to a
separate repo anyway...)

Several important things to note here:

Maven 3.8.5 should include your fix, granted. I want to include a new
version of Wagon (3.5.0) which will remove JSoup due to several issues
which come along with it.

Ok.  Could you put 3.8.5 as a fixVersion for the jira issues ?

Yes, will create those this weekend.

I have currently a branch open maven-3.8.x-resolver-1.7.x which
basically lifts 3.8.x to Java 8 and adds Resolver 1.7.x

Shouldn't that be part of 3.9.0 instead ?

It will, I started off with 3.8.x since I didn't have anything else. The
branch will go for maven-3.9.x.

After 3.8.5 has been done I want to rebase my branch onto 3.8.5 and
moved that to 3.9.x, *then* you can start merging your open PRs
regarding API extension for build caching.

Is that acceptable for you?



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