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[tycho-dev] Advanced Integration Test for Tycho

It is often hard to "strip-down" a problem/project so it fits int a Tycho Unit and/or Integrationtest that could be checked in into Git-Repository, maybe it is sometimes even not possible because of licensing concerns (license not compatible with EPL, ...)

What I think about is, if it would be possible to have some kind of "Advanced Integration Tests", that simply check-out a set of projects from Github and builds them with the current Tycho-Snapshot? That way it would be possible for users to supply a simple git-hub Url with a project currently failing and we can then integrate this into the test-suite use for debugging and alike.

To prevent us from regular changes, we could simply require that the repro host a special branch named tycho-integration-<buzillaid> that is never changed afterwards.

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