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Re: [tycho-dev] tycho vs tycho-extras: what's the value?

So here is my proposal of execution
Phase 1
1. we move all the content of org.eclipse.tycho.extras into a top-level "tycho-extras" folder in the same repo
2. From org.eclipse.tycho (non-extras) Git repo, we fetch the top of tycho.extras and merge it
  -> This should result in a merge commit with 2 branches of history: one about tycho-core and the other about tycho-extras, so history is still there
  -> the tycho-extras folder is not part of tycho-core
3. we tweak the existing core CI jobs to build tycho and then build tycho-extras (like it's already done in , and we disable tycho-extras builds

We wait for some time for some issues to be popping up and remediate them, and when we are happy with it

Phase 2
1. we refactor the pom: tycho root pom.xml references tycho-extras, the tycho-extras pom takes the root pom.xml as parent
2. we adapt jobs so the build of tycho & tycho-extras become only 1 step

And then, we'll be all set and we can improve things further continuously.

Any objection?
@Sievers, Jan specifically, as project lead, do you support this?

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