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[tycho-dev] Re-usable utilities to build plug-in classpaths w.r.t. target platform?

Hi Tycho developers,

I am currently looking at the Tycho codebase and could use some guidance.

The problem I want to solve, and which I suspect is already solved by
Tycho somewhere, is this: In a plain old Java program (no OSGi runtime
involved so far) I want to scan a p2 repository and build a "classpath"
for each of the plug-ins in the repository (think "mvn
dependency:build-classpath") w.r.t. the target platform == the p2
repository. I know how to do this with a Maven repository and the Maven
resolver (RepositorySystem.resolveDependencies(...)), but don't know how
to achieve something similar with p2.

Any utility classes in Tycho I should know about? (Bonus points if I
don't have to spawn an OSGi runtime for this.)

Best wishes,


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