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[tycho-dev] Can Tycho use an old-style site.xml update site in a target platform


I have an eclipse-target-definition which contains
<>. This update site appear to be
old-style only, i.e., it has a site.xml but no
(artifacts|content).(jar|xml). Are such update sites supported by Tycho?
(Didn't find an issue in Bugzilla.)

PDE loads them just fine, but with Tycho I see

> [INFO] Adding repository
> [INFO] Fetching site.xml from (0B of 4,93kB at 0B/s)
> [ERROR] Failed to resolve target definition /Users/sewe/.m2/repository/org/example/neon/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/ Failed to load p2 metadata repository from location No repository found at -> [Help 1]

What looks odd to me is that Tycho tries to download the site.xml in the
first place, if old-style update sites were completely unsupported, so
maybe I am simply doing something wrong.

Best wishes,


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