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Re: [tycho-dev] Dev proposition

thanks Guillaume your help is appreciated.

yes looking at the number of votes is probably a good guide as a representation of what is most desired by users.
Unfortunately not all of them are easy to patch (depending on how comfortable you are with tycho, maven and p2 already).

the underlying issue for some of the bugs you referenced is multi-process/thread-safety which is a cross-cutting concern that needs to be taken into account both in maven and tycho code as well as the embedded equinox runtime that is used by Tycho for p2 operations.
Adressing it would probably spread across the whole codebase.

In comparison

is probably easier to tackle.

Maybe the feature patch problem 
is also easier to fix. This would probably require some p2 deep dive.

For release versions

I had an idea but did not follow through with my proposed patch.
This is related to your other patch about the maven release process but with an alternative versioning approach.
if you want you could take it up from there.


On 23.04.17, 23:14, "tycho-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Guillaume Dufour" <tycho-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of guillaume.duff@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I do 3 pull requests to discover the project. And I think I can help better by ask what to do before coding ;o)

So what ticket can I take ?

How I can help better ?

Thanks for  your reply.

If there is no reply, I think to take look and hope fix first most voted ticket without any commit.
So maybe one of thos:

Have a nice day.

Guillaume Dufour

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