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[tycho-dev] tycho-versions-plugin does not consider source-features

Hello Tycho team,

I am not sure if this is a bug or an intended behavior.
When I run the tycho-versions-plugin (0.26.0) on a project with
packaging 'eclipse-repository' which contains a category.xml with a
source-feature-entry (the source feature is generated using the
source-feature-plugin), that entry is not considered during a change
of the version. After looking into the CategoryXmlManipulator of the
plugin, I created a small workaround which solves this issue for me.

In the updateFeatureReferences-method I check for both, original and
source-feature-id (starting at line 52):
        for (SiteFeatureRef feature : categoryXml.getFeatures()) {
        String featureId = featureVersionChange.getArtifactId();
        String srcFeatureId = featureId + ".source";
            if ((featureId.equals(feature.getId()) ||
featureVersionChange.getVersion().equals(feature.getVersion())) {

Best regards,

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