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[tycho-dev] cannot resolve bundle with tycho.localArtifacts=ignore


I have a problem in a tycho surefire test when setting property tycho.localArtifacts=ignore.

Here is my setting (I simply use the real names to not call it "project one" and "project two" and "the other" etc., you can find it on if you like)

The project consists of a main feature (Faktor-IPS) and some add-ons (the problematic one is the UML add-on).

In Faktor-IPS we create a bunch of plug-ins contained in a feature, deployed in a p2 repo. For plug-in tests we have a test-util plug-in (called abstracttest) that is contained in a test-feature, deployed in separate p2 repo.

Now I set up the build for the uml plug-in that depends on the base of Faktor-IPS (faktorips.core) and I have a UML-Test plug-in which is a fragment of the UML plug-in and also depends on the test-util abstracttest. All dependencies are setup in a target platform.

The tycho build runs quite well on if we first run 'mvn install' for the base Faktor-IPS and afterwards on the UML add-on. But when I try the same build with clean .m2 repo or tycho.localArtifacts=ignore I get an error when tycho-surefire starts the uml test plug-in. The fragment host for uml test plugin cannot be resolved.

What I already know:

 * I added equinox.console and felix.gogo to my test dependencies to open a OSGi console. 'diag' sais cannot resolve fragment host (as expected). When I compare short status (ss) in a running scenario (without ignoring local artifacts) and a broken scenario, the list of bundles is the same but in slightly different order. Especially my test-util plugin comes later in the working scenario.

 * The the bundle state is different in most bundles (of cause it is because in the working scenario the tests were already passed). Trying to manually update the state does not resolves the problem. Still diag says it cannot resolve the fragment host.

 * When I add the test-util plug-in to the dependencies of the host plug-in it would work!

 * Tried a lot with adding manual dependencies or bundle start level in the tycho-surefire config - no effect.

 * Upgraded to latest tycho version 0.26.0 had also no effect

 * Reorder the dependencies had no effect


Maybe anybody of the tycho guru has an idea what I could try next or is there any known bug I missed?

Thank you very much,


Cornelius Dirmeier

Faktor Zehn AG
Friedenheimer Brücke 21
80639 München

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Fax        +49 89 520311-8611
Mobile    +491733566119


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