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Re: [tycho-dev] Some problems to enable and maintain a PDE and TychoMaven way for release process in the same project.

a) can be explained easily... the installMode="root" is a Tycho extension that is not known to PDE Build at all. Because of that these features are probably installed as children to the product IU, or maybe completely ignored. If you want to update one of those children features, you need to update the root installable unit.

For b) my advice would be to look into the optionalDependencies parameter in the dependency-resolution of the Tycho target-platform-configuration plugin. If I'm not mistaken there are some settings that can be adjusted.

I hope that helps a bit.


On 7 June 2016 at 18:08, reyman <reyman64@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In my project, i need to enable and maintain a graphic (using eclipse PDE)  and a command line (maven + tycho) way to build our product. 

Actually i get an incompatibility between these two way to generate a product release, perhaps you can help me to understand where is the problem. 

a) PDE build does not work with installMode="root" (ie. the plugins of the features marked with this property are not copied in the application). When features composing a product are marked with theinstallMode="root" property, PDE build does not export them, which is a bit strange.  Removing the property produces a correct release, but it is not updatable. This is a problem.

b) Tycho/Maven build produces a release which contains all optional plugins, for linux and macosx products this is not a problem and the sofware released works, but this is not the case with windows. It seems that Tycho build does not export all the optional plugins only for the windows case, and I havent found where to change this behavior, any idea ? ...

Any further hints would be appreciated ...


Product pom.xml is defined here : 

Parent pom.xml with target-platform-configuration is defined here : 


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