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[tycho-dev] Hi tycho dev ! Question about the good way to share in the same pom, an eclipse-repository and an eclipse-plugin option

Hi tycho dev, 

I'm a new user of tycho.
I recently use tycho with maven to generate a clean build for a multi-agent software developped using Eclipse :

In relation with this project, i post a bounty question on stackOverflow, but answer are rare, so perhaps you can help me : 

I crosspost the question in blue bottom : 

I simplify the project structure i have to ask these question, my root folder is structured like this :

  • my.project.parent
    • pom.xml
  • my.project.product
    • pom.xml
    • pom-product.xml

The pom.xml in my.project.parent is my root pom i first compile using mvn clean install

After that, i open my.project.product, linked by relative path to my.project.parent/pom.xml

My problem is that i need, using tycho, that my.project.product packaging type need to be an eclipse-plugin, and also an eclipse-repository at the same time.

Actually i compile the my.project.product using mvn install -f pom-product which run the two pom in one time.

Is it possible to do the same thing using only one pom.xml in tycho ?

-- Update --

You can find the software project here : . The msi.gama.application contain the double pom.xml. One is for generating a product with eclipse-repository (executable of the software), and the other generate the plugin using eclipse-plugin (needed as dependance for developper of extension of the software)

This is why msi.gama.application is a eclipse-plugin and a eclipse-repository (generating the executable of software)

Thanks a lot for your help,


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